We Will Be The Hopeful

“We will be the hopeful.”

I cannot be more moved by this statement. After the hardest year of my life, I look back and remember most, the moments where all I had was hope to grasp onto. Faith is believing in the things unseen, but without hope, it feels impossible.

We are in a time where everyone is able to post all the “best” things in their life, portraying that we have it all together, are peaceful, joyful and on top. I hate it. It isolates, excludes and is fraudulent. More than ever, we need to be honest and talk about our pain. We all have great moments, but we also deal with broken dreams and hearts and lives. We also live in a time where we are scared. I am. It’s so easy to believe that if I am vulnerable and open, if I make eye contact, if I speak my truth, I will suffer in some form. Maybe that’s true… but am I not suffering if I don’t?

If there’s anything I learned through the shattering experiences of the last year, it was that we always have a choice. Not to escape hard times, or to maybe actually change our circumstance, but to choose how we walk through it. We are all fragile, feel worthless some days, and almost never have it together. Why aren’t we okay with that? If everyone admitted that, we would have a different world.

Hearts. We all long to be seen, heard and deeply known. In order for that to happen, we need to share our stories, share our hurts, be inclusive. We also need to listen. Ask more questions and make less assumptions. Grace. We all need more grace for one another.

I will be the hopeful. I will choose to believe in better things to come, but also, accept that I don’t see the bigger picture all the time. I choose to believe that God is doing a great thing, even now. “Those who put their hope in Him, will not be put to shame.” Does this mean I don’t struggle with shame? Not at all. It just means in those excruciating, humiliating moments when all that I have built or lived for crumbles, that I choose to look up and trust that this isn’t for nothing. I don’t have any more answers, but I do have hope. That was enough to get me to take the next step forward, and then the next…

Some people might be frustrated that I talk about God. I don’t bring Him into this to push onto you. It’s just that I can’t separate my story from my faith; I know it sounds cliche but when I look back I see how He has used all the moments for something better. He is the very reason I am standing today and I can’t help but celebrate that. I also celebrate the people in my life who have stood with me through the worst times, where love and fear danced over each other’s lines. Who, watching me grieve and ache, didn’t tell me to move on, but sat with me and also cried. What a gift. You are a gift. We were made for this. Hope. Love. To fight for what is good and pure.

In order to be the hopeful, we must take action. We must use our voice for encouragement, to uphold, to remind others what really matters. We must respect our time here and use it for goodness. We must challenge shame with truth, accepting ourselves for not having all the answers, and pass that relief onto others. You matter, whether you feel it or not. That’s the truth.

So, let’s keep going. Let’s be the hopeful.

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